26 January 2014

The Glory Days

One goal I have tried to work on in the last few months has been to digitize all of my "old" photos and media.  Part of that collection are my 5 or so VHS tapes of personally meaningful videos.  At the urging of my friend Nicole, I got the first set of them converted to DVD to be able to share this piece of joy.

The first few minutes are the awkward pauses and technical difficulties of amateur "talent shows" (which I suppose is redundant).    I had to clip and compress this to get it to load anywhere on the web I have access to.  I have the full show in DVD glory.

Regardless, I smile the whole way through this because it brings back memories of great times spent with great people.  Viva la 40th Ward!

The next night was the Halloween Howl party at USU and the four of us ended up there and at the last minute entered the "Group Costume" competition.  I wish someone had a video of that version because it was much better performance.  And we won!  Which pissed off the group dressed as a bobsled team.  I think we got a bag of socks and candy as our prize. 

13 November 2012

Fa la la la laa la la la la

Greetings All—

This year I have the fortune to be singing as a Baritone in The Choral Project’s 17th Season.  It is a 50-voice choir based in San Jose under the direction of Daniel Hughes.  The season consists of 3 concerts which I have listed below.

The first concert, Winter’s Gifts, is coming up on December 15th at Mission Dolores in San Francisco and on the 16th at the Mission Santa Clara de Asis.

There is also a Holiday Spectacular at the Chateau Julien’s in Carmel Valley on Dec 3rd.  Which I believe includes food and wine and an afternoon in Carmel.

I would love to invite you and your family and friends to attend any or all. 

Also, if you are not in the Bay Area, but still love me and want to support me, The Choral Project is a non-profit organization and is always grateful for any donation or contribution by individuals, businesses or other organizations. You can make a tax-deductible donation here.

If you get a group of 10 or more, I can get you 20% off the regular price.  Please contact me for more information.

Thank you all for your love and support through the years.  I hope that you can attend a concert and enjoy some great music.  Regardless, have a great Holiday season.


14 July 2012

Georgia on my mind. The other Georgia, that is.

Last sets of photos are posted.  Didn't realize how many pictures I took in Georgia.  And how few I took in Datca.  Enjoy.

Click Here For Photos

06 July 2012

Trickle of Trip Photos

Click the link to see some more of my photos from my trip.  Sorting through these is taking longer than expected.  No tags or labels, so use your imagination.

Look for the SE Turkey and Cappadocia sets